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The Duende Box 

 Unlock something new every month. 

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Every month we hand pick eco-friendly, diverse, high quality and affordable art materials that will inspire you to create more art and also boosts your creativity.

Our mission is to provide our subscribers with budget friendly range of art products that will help you learn, create and evolve into artists who will only inspire. 

If you could use some of that art therapy but that walk to the art store seems downright painful, then you are in luck because Duende Art Box, filled with a wide variety of products like handmade paint and stationary is delivered right to your house. It will be an art explosion at your doorstep.

Treat it as a means of supplemental education, a way for family bonding or a hobby just to blow off some steam at the end of a long day. Duende Art box will not disappoint you!

So sign up now and get artsy!

Present Surprise


Every month we send you a magical box that fulfill your artistic needs.

Every box includes-

1. Brand new TheDuendeBox creation.

2. High quality art products and stationary.

3. Exclusive products from different companies we collaborate with.